Babyganics Review

I received these wonderful Babyganics products from the FamilyRated review club for free for reviewing purposes. I’ve heard so much about this brand when I was doing research about baby products before Alyssa was born but I could never find any here in Montreal. I was so happy and excited to be an advocate to review these products!

What I love about Babyganics is that they are known for using all-natural ingredients. They are formulated with plant-derived ingredients therefore there are no harsh chemicals (no parabens, phthalates, articifial dyes or fragrances). I also love the packaging; the designs are so cute!

Baby wipes:
I find the value amazing – 80 wipes (normally there are about 60-70 pieces). These wipes are thick and not too wet. I like that there is 1 wipe that comes out at a time and not 2 or 3 (it can be annoying to push the wipes back into the package). I have used these wipes on my daughter for a few days and so far they work well. Up to now, there are no irritations on her skin.

Shampoo & body wash:
After using this product a few times on my daughter who is 4 and half months, I am loving it so far! It is my first time using a foamy shampoo/body wash on her. I find the foam easier to latter on her hair and body compared to the gel/cream type. I also like the very light scent (from the oils) and that it is tear free. Again, she has no irritations or skin reactions when using this.

Moisturizing daily lotion:
I have used this lotion a few times on my daughter (and myself! 😀 ) after her bath and it works great! I noticed that she had some dry patches on her legs recently (maybe due to the recent cold temperature). After a few days, the dry patches disappeared! Up to now, my daughter has no skin reactions from using this product. For myself, my hands are so dry from the cold. I like that it is formulated with shea butter and cocoa butter. The consistency of the lotion is a light and a little thick but no greasy feeling. It left my hands soft and moisturized. 

Since these products are new in Canada, I am not sure what the value of each items are but I do recommend them to parents who are looking for all-natural/plant-based products for their babies and toddlers. I am so glad to have the opportunity to test these Babyganics products and I am looking forward in finding them in my local stores. I am also interested in trying out other products from the brand.

Thank you again FamilyRated for this great opportunity. If you are interested in receiving full-size products to review, please visit their site and sign-up to become a member! 🙂

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