Review: Green Beaver 100% natural, fluoride-free Naturapeutic & Flavour Toothpastes

**Disclaimer: I received these products for free from Moms Meet ( to use and post my honest opinions. Compensation for this post was provided and this page may contain affiliate links.

My family and I love incorporating natural and eco-friendly products in our household and we are so trilled to review Green Beaver 100% natural, fluoride-free Naturapeutic & Flavour Toothpastes. We received 5 flavours: strawberry and bubblegum for kids, extra whitening, zesty orange and green apple.

My family and I have been trying out these toothpaste twice a day for the past few weeks and we love them! These toothpastes gently clean and polish teeth with 100% natural ingredients, they are non-GMO, free of artificial flavours and dyes and do not contain lauryl sulfate. They help prevent dental cavities, plaque formation and reduce the risk of tooth decay.

The kids toothpaste are fluoride free, and safe for toddlers and kids to swallow. The strawberry flavour is made from real strawberries and the bubblegum flavour is made from real cherry. My daughter Alyssa gets excited when it is time to brush her teeth! She really loves using them!

The extra whitening toothpaste contains papaya extract and I noticed my teeth a bit more whiter after using it a few days. The Green Apple and Zesty Orange toothpastes are enriched with calcium and vitamin C to strengthen teeth.

Green Beaver toothpastes are made in Canada and packaged in recyclable materials with biodegradable ingredients. You can find these toothpastes and the rest of the collection online at or in stores at Loblaws, Jean-Coutu, Healthy Planet, Avril Supermarché Santé,
Sobeys, IGA Rachelle-Berry, Shoppers Drug Mart, and London Drugs

Until November 30th, 2021 Save 25% off any purchase of Green Beaver toothpastes at with promo code GBSmile25.

I definitely recommend trying out their toothpastes. Let me know in the comments if you tried any Green Beaver 100% natural, fluoride-free Naturapeutic & Flavour Toothpastes before!

Review of Stick-o (Basic 10 set) by Magformers

A few weeks ago, I attended The Toy Insider virtual toy event. It was my first time attending a convention for toys! It was a lot of fun and I got meet so many toy companies and even watched some toy demos through zoom! I am thankful that I got to visit the Magformers booth! They sent over their Stick-o’s Basic 10 set and Alyssa loves playing with it! This set contains 10 chunky magnetic pieces (2 straight rods, 2 curves rods, 3 balls, 1 cap and 2 discs) that help your little ones to develop their motor skills by creating different structures. Alyssa likes taking the straight rods and balls to make little microphones! She will start talking and singing. This toy set is suitable for 18+ months and it is also compatible with other stick-o sets.

I love this toy set because it is easy to clean, the material is very sturdy and it is endless fun for your little creators!

I definitely recommend this toy set! Thank you Magformers!! #gifted

Review of the Hydrium Moisture set from Cosrx (Try Me Review Me program)

The Hydrium Moisture set from Cosrx contains all the products you need to keep your skin hydrated all summer long! The key ingredient in the Hydrium line is Pro-vitamin B5 where it helps keep skin hydrated, soft and nourished. It also helps replenish the skin’s natural barrier against the loss of moisture. 

  • The Triple Hyaluronic water wave sheet mask has a light watery texture to give the skin a refreshing and moisture look. The mask is eco-friendly made with biodegradable material! 
  • The Triple Hyaluronic Moisturizing cleanser is very gentle and creamy. A little amount goes a long way! The cleanser becomes foamy once you start lathering it on your face. It helps remove any impurities leaving the skin clean, soft, moisturized and refreshed without stripping it. It also has a beautiful light scent. It is also the only product that a scent to it.
  • The Hydrium water toner is lightweight and fast absorbent. It helps soothe my dry skin while retaining its moisture. I also love how it feels really refreshing!
  • The Triple hyaluronic moisture ampouleis a moisturizing serum that has a light consistency and is really gentle on the skin. Just using 2 drops is sufficient to get your skin supple and really hydrated. You can even combine the moisture ampoule with the enriched cream for extra hydration. This is my favourite product!
  • Lastly, the Moisture power enriched cream has a gel-cream texture with a slight thick feeling. It made my skin feel hydrated all day long with no greasy feeling.

I definitely recommend these products to those who have dry skin! If you are interested in trying these yourselves, please check out:

Thank you so much to Style Korean and Cosrx for sending this generous package and for selecting me to try out these amazing products! #gifted #trymereviewme

SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator review

I was kindly gifted the SkinMedica HA5 Rejuvenating Hydrator from Les Boutiquiers Apotikaire, a local business in Montreal. I have been using it for almost 2 weeks and I love the results up to now. I have combination skin but more on the dryer side so my skin really needed this!

This lightweight hydrator smoothes your skin and helps decrease the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. In your daily AM & PM skincare routine, all you need to do is apply a small amount of the product to the face, neck or décolleté after cleansing and toning but before applying serum and moisturizer. The purpose of the hydrator is to help increase hydraluronic acid level and keep skin hydrated.

The product was easy to apply and the product absorbed nicely into the skin with no oily feeling. There is also no fragrance and it works well on all skin types. My skin felt hydrated throughout the day and night! I noticed that my skin became instantly soft and smooth.

Hydraluronic Acid (HA)

It is important to include HA in your skincare routine because it holds in moisture by keeping the skin healthy, resilient and supple. As you get older, your natural HA level decreases and your skin loses the ability to retain moisture which then causes the skin to become rough and dry and the wrinkles and fine lines will start appearing.

This particular product contains 5 different forms of HA that works together to provide smoothing results and continuous hydration throughout the day.

The downside of this product is that it falls under the upper price category ($198) but it is worth it especially it will help your skin look rejuvenated and healthy in the short and long-term!

If you are interested in purchasing this or any SkinMedica products (sale items not included) from Les Boutiquiers Apotikaire ‘s website use BUSYMOMMY15 to save 15%!

Thank you so much to Alexandra for gifting me this lovely product! Also, check out Apotikaire’s instagram page!

Review on Belif’s Aqua Bomb Sleeping Mask

I am a big fan of Belif’s Aqua Bomb moisturizer and toner that when I heard that they came out with a sleeping mask I was so ecstatic! I have been testing this particular product for the past few weeks and so far my skin loves it!

This jelly-pudding sleeping mask helps your skin overnight by rejuvenating and replenishing dull, dry and fatigued skin with hydration and gives your skin a more radiant glow! I have combination skin but more on the dryer side and it really hydrated my skin the next morning. The product is very lightweight and it has nice scent to it. It also absorbs quickly into the skin without any greasy feeling. It is recommended for all skin type: normal, oily, dry, combo and sensitive.

To apply this product, simply apply a thin layer on the face before going to bed and rinse it the next morning. In your PM skincare routine, you can either apply the sleeping mask after your favourite moisturizer or on its own.

Did you know that Belif has officially been deemed “Clean at Sephora”? That means that this product is free of over 50 harmful ingredients including parabens and sulfates. How amazing is that!

I highly recommend this product to those who are looking for an affordable sleeping mask that is really great for the skin. I also recommend putting the product in the fridge before application for more cooling benefits!

Don’t forget to take advantage of Sephora ‘s Beauty Insider sale from April 17 to May 1st and grab one of these! It is also available at The Face Shop Canada! #Gifted

Review on Sohma Naturals Products

If you love skincare products that are made with natural and organic ingredients like myself, you may want to consider checking out Sohma Naturals! They are Canadian company based in Nova Scotia. It is a mother and daughter duo that have many years of experience and done many research on finding the best natural and organic ingredients for our skin. The brand carries a variety of skincare products including an anti-aging line, body butters, baby line, restorative cream and a various of face products (face serum, oils).

Today, I will be reviewing 2 particular products: Renew Micellar Water and Eczema Calming Balm that we have been testing for the past week. I used the micellar water on myself and I applied the eczema balm on my daughter Alyssa’s dry areas on her body.

Renew Micellar Water

I love using micellar water products in my skincare routine but this 3-in-1 product is different! It is a makeup, cleanser and toner in one bottle! I sprayed a generous amount of product on a cotton pad and then rub it on my eye and face to remove the makeup. There is no rinsing needed! It feels really gentle that my makeup came of really easily. There is no irritation and my skin did not get any skin reaction. It also has a light floral scent that isn’t overpowering. The spray component is a little strong so I wouldn’t recommend it to spray it directly to the face but to spray on a cotton pad or cotton ball. I noticed my skin became really soft and looked more hydrated.

Eczema Calming Balm

This product is also multipurpose: primarily for diaper rash and eczema but it also temporarily protects and helps relieve minor skin irritations and itching due to poison ivy, poison oak or sumac, and insect bites. I have only tried it on Alyssa’s ezcema. I applied a generous amount of product on Alyssa’s legs, arms and cheeks. She has a lot of dry areas due to the cold weather. I noticed that it reduced the flares and dryness. The consistency is a little thick. It contains zinc oxide and oatmeal to help these discomfort to a minimal. This packaging is travel friendly and it is perfect for our Florida trip in December!

Overall, I love the brand and their purposes. I really support companies who formulates products using natural ingredients. Especially I am currently transitioning my household products to a more eco-friendly ones. I also love the colors and little details on the packaging!

Thank you so much Sohma Naturals for sending these products! I definitely recommend trying these products out. Please check out their website and Instagram page!

Review on Tru Earth Eco-strips laundry detergent

It’s laundry day and my little one wants to help!

I’ve been changing my household products to more eco friendly ones and I am so glad Tru Earth reached out to me to try out their Eco-strips laundry detergent!⁣

They are better for the environment; no plastic containers! Each package contains 32 strips (32 loads!) They are biodegradable, vegan, hypoallergenic, phosphate-free, paraben-free, dye-free and chlorine-free. These strips works well with all machines including HE (front load and top load), with hot and cold water and it dissolves completely!

It recommends using 2 strips for heavy loads and a half a strip for a small load. ⁣

They come in 3 types: fresh linen, unscented and recently they came out with Baby!⁣

They are truly amazing! At first I didn’t think a strip can handle a load of clothes but I was wrong! Each strip is concentrated and powerful! They make the laundry all clean and so fresh! I also love that there is no measuring and it is mess free!

Love everything about the brand!⁣

Did you know that they are made in Canada? Check out their page and join the movement!⁣🌍

Use “thebusymommylife10” to save some money on your next purchase!
#Gifted #TruEarthMovement

Review of Fré Skincare’s 123Fré set

Fré Skincare was kind to send me their 123Fré set. It is a 3-step skincare routine to keep your skin healthy while working out! I have been trying these products out for a short period but I love everything about this brand already even the packaging! It’s my first time trying something that is made specifically for skin that sweats. ⁣

The 3 steps: Purify Me (Cleanser), Revive Me (Serum) and Protect Me (Moisturizer). These products are vegan, hypoallergenic, parabens-free, cruelty-free, won’t clog pores and it’s great for all skin types. ⁣

Purify Me: it prevents breakout and irritation, removes toxins and unclogs pores. It contains small jojoba beads but it is super gentle in the skin. ⁣

Revive Me: a little goes a long way! It regenerates collagen and elasticity. It also helps reduce wrinkles and the look of aging. ⁣

Protect Me: this moisturizer is a little thick but doesn’t feel greasy at all. It left my skin feeling very soft. It also contains SPF 30 and is water resistant. ⁣

These products are perfect for when I go to the gym and when I go for walks with my daughter.⁣

If you are interested in trying out this set yourself, use the code MOMMYLIFE to get 25% off!

Thank you so much Fré Skincare for setting this set over!

Tidy Tot Canada: Bib and Tray Kit Review

I can’t believe Alyssa is already 10 months! Time is really flying by! Right now, Alyssa loves to eat and she eats pretty much everything I give her. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas! I started to let her eat on her and you can imagine the mess she made: food on the ground, on her clothes, in her high chair and places I don’t even know how it got there! Well, the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray kit came to the rescue! This kit is perfect for a mess-free AND stress-free weaning.

About the brand

Tidy Tot specializes in bibs and weaning products for babies and toddlers . It was created and designed in the UK by a mom of 3. They already won multiple awards for their products! I highly recommend checking out their page and learn more about their story. They even have a lot resourceful information about baby led weaning and recipes!

The Kit

The bib & Tray kit comes with 4 pieces: the tray, a long sleeve bib that attaches to the tray, an adapter (not shown – for small high chairs) and a cute zipper bag perfect for traveling and storing. I chose the Apple and Pear (Dove Grey) print but there are other designs to choose from.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean & store
  • Fits all type of highchairs and boosters
  • ⁣There is no gap between baby and the tray
  • Perfect starting at 6 month until 2 years old


I have been testing this product for over a week now and I love it! It definitely helped eased my mind when letting Alyssa eat on her own. I love that there is no gap between the baby and the tray. All the mess stayed in one area. No food on the ground or in hidden places!

The bib and tray are made with good quality material and a sturdy velcro! The bib sticks very well on the tray covering all surface. It also comes with a protector so if you decide to wash the bib in the washing machine or even by hand it won’t cling onto other clothes or items. The circular tray comes with 2 suction cups that sticks on the highchair tray underneath so it won’t move around. When it comes to cleaning the tray, it is easy to give it a quick rinse or a wipe (depending how messy it gets!). It dries pretty fast too. Also, it is so easy to fold and store the kit in to the bag. It is so light to carry!

I definitely recommend this product!

If you are are from Canada and are interested in purchasing one, you can order one through their Amazon shop!

Thank you so much Tidy Tot Canada for sending this over!

Review on Indeed labs products

Complimentary from Topbox Circle

I heard so much about hyaluronic acid in skincare products that I was excited to try these products. I also never tried anything from Indeed Labs before but heard about them in the beauty community so I was even more ecstatic! I received 3 skincare products to review courtesy of Topbox Circle: Hydration booster, Hydraluron intense moisture lotion and Hydraluron moisture serum.

I have included these 3 products into my AM & PM skincare routine in the past week and a half and I love the results up to now. I have combination skin but mostly on the dry side.

1) Hydration Booster: I love the dropper. The product has a light and thin consistency that absorbs nicely into the skin without feeling sticky. It really made my skin feel hydrated. I also used it with the intense moisture lotion.

2) Intense moisture lotion: A little product goes a long way and I like that it includes a pump so not too much comes out. The consistency is a little thick but does not feel oily or too heavy. It leaves my skin feeling moisturized all day. I have used this before applying foundation and it made my skin look very smooth without looking cakey.

3) Hydraluron moisture serum: This might be the best serum I ever tried. It is clear and it has a gel-like feeling but it does feel sticky or oily at all. A little pea size amount is all you need and it absorbs quickly into the skin. It leaves the skin feeling really smooth and hydrated. I have also used it with the intense moisture lotion.

After using these products, my skin felt really good and really hydrated! I love that these products are silicone-free, oil-free, phthalate-free, sulfate-free, fragrance-free, colourant-free, no dyes and mineral oil-free!⁣ I also love the vibrant packaging!

Overall, I recommend these products to those who have dry skin. Thank you again Topbox Circle for sending me these. Now that I have tested these products, I am really interested in trying out other products from Indeed labs!

Have you tried any skincare products from this brand? What are your thoughts? Leave me a comment!