Happy Planet: Clean Protein Review

Happy New Year everyone!

Now that all the Holiday festivities are over, it is time to go back to eating healthy! I am starting the year with my review on Happy Planet: Clean Protein smoothie. I received this product for free from Social Nature for testing purposes. They sent a voucher to redeem a Free Happy Planet: Clean Protein smoothie at my local grocery store. There are 3 flavors: Creamy vanilla, Fair trade chocolate & coconut, and Banana cashew. I chose the flavor Banana Cashew for my review because I love these two combination!

There are so many good things about this smoothie! After drinking my first glass, I love the taste! The bottle comes in a decent size (900ml). It contains 10g of dairy free plant protein, there are no artificial coloring, preservatives or flavours. The ingredients used are locally picked here in Canada! The only thing is that it is on the pricey side ($5.99 at Metro Quebec). However, with the amount and all the nutrients and natural ingredients in each bottle it is well worth it.

I definitely recommend this especially to those who are constantly busy or even after working out. You can find this smoothie and other Happy Planet products across Canada at Real Canadian Superstore, Provigo, Avril, Loblaws, Goodness Me, Highland Farms and Metro (Quebec). I’m really curious and would love to try the other flavours and even products from the brand now that I discovered the Happy Planet!

Let me know in the comment section if you ever tried this smoothie or any Happy Planet beverages before. What are your thoughts about it? Any recommendations? #trynatural #HappyNotHangry

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