Tidy Tot Canada: Bib and Tray Kit Review

I can’t believe Alyssa is already 10 months! Time is really flying by! Right now, Alyssa loves to eat and she eats pretty much everything I give her. Her favorite foods are sweet potatoes, carrots and bananas! I started to let her eat on her and you can imagine the mess she made: food on the ground, on her clothes, in her high chair and places I don’t even know how it got there! Well, the Tidy Tot Bib & Tray kit came to the rescue! This kit is perfect for a mess-free AND stress-free weaning.

About the brand

Tidy Tot specializes in bibs and weaning products for babies and toddlers . It was created and designed in the UK by a mom of 3. They already won multiple awards for their products! I highly recommend checking out their page and learn more about their story. They even have a lot resourceful information about baby led weaning and recipes!

The Kit

The bib & Tray kit comes with 4 pieces: the tray, a long sleeve bib that attaches to the tray, an adapter (not shown – for small high chairs) and a cute zipper bag perfect for traveling and storing. I chose the Apple and Pear (Dove Grey) print but there are other designs to choose from.


  • Easy to assemble
  • Easy to clean & store
  • Fits all type of highchairs and boosters
  • ⁣There is no gap between baby and the tray
  • Perfect starting at 6 month until 2 years old


I have been testing this product for over a week now and I love it! It definitely helped eased my mind when letting Alyssa eat on her own. I love that there is no gap between the baby and the tray. All the mess stayed in one area. No food on the ground or in hidden places!

The bib and tray are made with good quality material and a sturdy velcro! The bib sticks very well on the tray covering all surface. It also comes with a protector so if you decide to wash the bib in the washing machine or even by hand it won’t cling onto other clothes or items. The circular tray comes with 2 suction cups that sticks on the highchair tray underneath so it won’t move around. When it comes to cleaning the tray, it is easy to give it a quick rinse or a wipe (depending how messy it gets!). It dries pretty fast too. Also, it is so easy to fold and store the kit in to the bag. It is so light to carry!

I definitely recommend this product!

If you are are from Canada and are interested in purchasing one, you can order one through their Amazon shop!

Thank you so much Tidy Tot Canada for sending this over!