Marc Jacobs Velvet Primer & Mascara Review

I received Marc Jacob’s Velvet primer and Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara for free from Influenster for reviewing purposes. I was really happy to be part of this Voxbox campaign especially that Marc Jacobs is known to be a high-end brand. Also, I love receiving mascaras to review!

I tested out these two products for about a week now and I am really impressed with the results. I have tiny and thin lashes that seems to be hidden in my lids. With these two products, it really gave my lashes length and volume. Check out my before & after photo below!

Velvet Primer – Epic Lash Primer

The first step is to apply the primer. I have never used a primer mascara before so it was quite an experience applying this product before the mascara. I noticed that the primer really helps lengthen and separate my lashes.  This product was easy to apply and the beige color helps to ensure that each lashes are nicely coated and prepared for the second step – the Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara.

Velvet Noir Major Volume Mascara Next, I applied this mascara right after the Velvet Primer. I was really impressed with with how my lashes turned out. You can see there is a significant difference. With this mascara, it gave my lashes a lot of length and volume. It really shows that – Yes! I do have lashes! Lastly, I really like this type of brush because with previous experience, this type of brush tip gives results that I am looking for.

Overall, I really like these two products and I would recommend them to those who are looking for a primer & mascara duo that gives their lashes lots length and volume.Thank you again to Influenster and Marc Jacobs for this opportunity to review these two products.

Have you tried these two products before? Leave a comment your thoughts about them!