EasyDay Canada Product Review

What features do you look for in your sanitary products? Is it comfort? Absorption? Fragrance-free? EasyDay Canada have all these benefits and many more! ⁣

EasyDay Canada is a Canadian company that is run by a woman that offers comfortable and affordable sanitary pads.⁣

There are 6 keys benefits with their products: ⁣
1) Super absorbent⁣
2) Infection control⁣
3) Odor control⁣
4) Breathable⁣
5) Perfume-free ⁣
6) Hypoallergenic⁣

They have different type of liners and pads:⁣
Liners: Regular, long and thong⁣
Pads: Regular and Heavy Flow (Night time)⁣

I have been using EasyDay pads recently and I love them! I really like that they are thin and feel really comfortable. What is really interesting is that the liquid absorbs turns dry and feels gel-like.⁣

I also like the mission the brand and their products supports. Many girls in developing countries have to miss school during heir periods because they can’t afford sanitary products. In result, EasyDay Canada have partnered with Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC) to provide health stamps to African countries. ⁣

If you are interested in trying out Easy Day products, please check out their webpage to make your order and use code FRIENDS40 for 40% off your first order! !

Also, check our their FB and Instagram page! ⁣

Thank you very much to EasyDay Canada for sending me these over!

Have you tried EasyDay Canada pads and liners before? Let me know your thoughts!⁣