Pure Leaf: Green Tea with Mint Review

I received the Pure Leaf in Green tea with Mint for free from the Chickadvisor review club for reviewing purposes. I was so glad to be one of the advocates! I have always wanted to try Pure Leaf teas but I never had the opportunity.

I have been testing out the tea for a few days and I love it! The fragrance and taste is really refreshing. You can really taste the combination of these two flavors. I tried it hot and cold (by adding ice). Both method tastes great! I also like the clear packaging where you can see how many sachets are left and it is not too bulky. The container can even be reuse to hold other teas!

I definitely recommend this tea to all the tea lovers out there especially to those who like the combination of green tea and peppermint leaves. Also, to all the mamas out there, this can relax you after spending the whole day with the little one(s). I see myself purchasing this and trying out the other flavors! Thank you again to ChickAdvisor for sending me this!

Leave a comment your thoughts about this tea! Have you tried other flavors?

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