Free baby stuff in Canada 2019 you expecting and looking for free stuff for you and your baby? If yes, you came to the right place! When I was pregnant with Alyssa, I knew that purchasing baby essentials will be costly, so I did A LOT of research to get as much free stuff as possible! Here is my list/recommendations that worked for me (living in Montreal, QC, Canada):

*Please note: I’ve attached some pictures (I forgot to take pictures for some) of what I received. Variation may differ in different areas. 🙂

*Also, if you are planning on breastfeeding. I recommend to get the free baby formula in case you need to supplement. It is also a good way to try out different formula to see which works better for your newborn.

Thyme Maternity Bump Benefit: Get a Welcome Bag when you sign up. Check out their website to see what is included in the bag. There are a lot of perks including a gift when you reach a certain number of points and another gift when the baby is born!

Baby R Us (Toys R Us) :

Make a Baby Registry and get a welcome bag. I recommend going directly in-store to make your registry. Once completed you will get your bag!


Huggies: *** UPDATE June 7, 2019

Support “No baby Unhugged” and get a free pack of diapers in size N (newborn) or size 1 with a full size pack of wipes. It will arrive closer to your due date. If you don’t get anything then just simply email them (that’s what happened to me!).


Join the Similac Club and get coupons and free products. You get 2 small cans of powder formula, small bottles of formula and coupons. You will receive these closer to your due date.


Sign up to Enfamil Family Beginnings and you will get coupons and free products (choose Earth Friendly Option!). You will receive them closer to your due date.


Join Nestle Baby Club and get coupons and free products. You will receive these closer to your due date.


Here are 3 recommendations that you need to spend a little but well worth it!

The Green Company: The Mommy Club

Take the pledge for a more greener lifestyle. They will send you weekly emails about recipes, special offers and tips for a greener lifestyle AND they will send you these two full-size products for joining their club on your first purchase!


Parents and Kids Fair:

If you live in Montreal, I recommend going to the Parents and Kids fair in April 5-6-7 2019 at Place Bonaventure. I went last year and it was really fun! You get to buy baby stuff at a discount price. Some booths give free stuff too! You will need to purchase a ticket to attend.

20180408_215536 Baby bundle:

A box worth $60CAD of baby essentials for $35CAD! A good way to try different brands that uses all natural ingredients. Recently, I tried Boiron Camilia Teething liquid for Alyssa and it worked instantly!


Comment your thoughts about this list. Which free baby stuff worked for you? Let me know!

3 thoughts on “Free baby stuff in Canada 2019

  1. The baby r Us registry bag I got doesn’t look like yours but I really liked how they gave out avent bottle that is such a good way to try it out before buying it.
    I got cetaphil samples from Thyme welcome bag and really liked the scent. The cute yellow aqua blue diaper pouch is really convenient for me and it’s always in my diaper bag (quite stylish too). We’ve been using Johnson’s stuff ever since the baby was born and really liked it on her.

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